Programma Leergang Best Value A Certificaat

Day 1: Welcome, introduction and explanation

  • Learning objectives participants
  • Pillars of Best Value, IMT in practice and to yourself
  • Homework: Performance support and set-up of article

    Day 2: Preparatory phase

  • Initial conditions and information
  • Formulating objectives
  • How do you know you are successful? Collecting/reading information about your client
  • Homework: Performance support

    Day 3 The substantiation and risks

  • Substantiation of metrics, where are the metrics?
  • Bias of people increased risks, how can you reduce bias?
  • Homework: Article chapters, assertions in the article

    Day 4 Interviews

  • The aim of the interview, what questions provide the relevant information?
  • Interview techniques, how do you prepare for the interview?
  • What are the criteria of a Best Value expert?
  • Homework: Writing article

    Day 5 Concretising

  • Purpose and structure of the concretisation
  • Practical experience with the concretisation phase
  • Homework: Writing article

    Day 6 Implementation

  • Weekly Risk Report, dilemmas from practice
  • Desired attitude and behavior at Best Value projects
  • Homework: Assess each other's articles and performance supports

    Day 7 Completion

  • Practice interviews + feedback articles
  • Evaluation instruction course and learning objectives