Training Best Value B+ Certificate

This training is a must for anyone who has to do with the Best Value approach and wants to prove that he / she has can control the theory.

For whom?
Anyone who has received the Best Value B certificate already and wants to intensify into the philosopfy of Best Value.

Results of the training?
Extensive theoretical knowledge about the philosophy of Best Value, more proven knowledge and experience with Best Value, handles to apply Best Value in practice, B + certificate and registration at BPBSRG.

Content of the training?
During this one-day training you will be included in the material of dr. Dean Kashiwagi. The morning program will be focused on IMT and ends with the original American IMT exam. In the afternoon PIPS will be discussed and this also ends with an original American exam. If you pass both exams with more than 70% correct answers, you will receive the B + certificate and you are registered at PBSRG. You will increase your chances of successfully pass the exam, if you prepare yourself by studying the received training materials.

Practical information
The next date for this training is the 8th of October in the Netherlands. The training will be held in Dutch, exams are in English. If you are interested in following the training in English please contact us for possibilities.

The investment in this training amounts to € 595,00 (excl. VAT). This includes the training materials, coffee/tea, lunch, soft drinks and snacks. When you succeed both exams, you wil receive a B+ certificate, inclusive a registration at PBSRG from dr. Dean Kashiwagi.

The number of access places in this training is limited. So avoid disappointment and contact Susan van Hes, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +316 10 39 85 37.
The minimum number of participants for a B+ training are 8 participants.

Do you need more information about this training or do you have other questions? Please contact Susan van Hes, by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +316 10 39 85 37.