Process and rating points of the A-certificating of Best Value Europe


Rating points

Objectives BV-E

1: B+ certificate

  • Passed IMT and PIPS exam

Verify that the candidate has theoretical basic knowledge of Best Value

2: Performance Information

(max 1 A4)

  • At least 1 representative Best Value project as client or contractor

  • Performance information to support the correct application of Best Value

Quickly and efficiently evaluate the ability of the candidate to Best Value to apply correctly and is potentially suitable for A certification.

3: Article

(max 8 A4)

  • Description and Reflection on Application Best Value Methodology (PIPS)

  • Reflection on application Best Value philosophy (IMT / KSM) based on cases in the project

  • Performance information about the Best Value application results

  • Use of dominant information and suitable for publication

Assessing the candidate's ability to apply the Best Value Methodology (PIPS) and Philosophy (IMT / KSM) independently, is committed to the Best Value approach and is suitable for A certification.

4: Interview / assessment

  • Thoroughly understanding own article

  • Thoroughly understanding Best Value Philosophy and shown to be able to put into practice

  • Thoroughly understanding Best Value Methodology (PIPS) and be able to identify and explain deviations from the methodology

  • Can apply IMT / KWS to cases

  • Use of dominant information

Assessing whether candidate's understands and explains own article , being able to apply Best Value independently, is committed to the Best Value approach and is suitable for A certification.

Further explanation of the article to be submitted:

  • Content page on the client side: A description of the phasing of the purchase process and training. The underlying documents (eg. purchase plan, guidelines, request for proposal, training, project plan, WRR etc.) must be attached as an attachment.

  • Content page on contractor side: A description of the request for proposal, guidelines, submittals, the training, the clarification phase and the execution phase. The underlying documents (eg vision / proposition document, registration document etc., project plan, WRR) must be attached as attachment.

  • Content article about BV application in organizations / teams / people. The underlying documents, such as studies / interviews must be attached as an attachment

  • The article should contain performance information about the results of the project or process in terms of time, money and quality to substantiate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Best Value application.

  • The article should be suitable for publication. This means that the article is evaluated on the characteristics of dominant information: relevant, verifiable, objective, substantiated with measurements (numbers, percentages), specific, concrete, easy to understand, not debatable, ensures transparency.


The certification process's workflow explained:










Consensus meeting article and PI





Individual assesment article and PI





E-mailed final article and PI to BVE





Documents of sufficient quality to send



Concept documenst to buddy



Buddy assignment ( 1 form the BC)


application date


Application by candidate